I have had two chemical peels at Spa Vitoria and the highly trained staff explain exactly what you can expect during and after the procedure. It's always a bit frightening initially to have anything done to your face but the aestheticians are competent, friendly and put you at ease.
Jeri Openshaw

I would like to commend Dr. Saltz's Spa Vitoria for being one of the best spas I have ever visited. The ambiance was incredible and the treatment by the aesthetician was wonderful and so professional. They treat you as though you are the most important client they have and want to make sure that you know that you are. . . I would recommend Spa Vitoria to anyone for any of the services that they offer. Dr. Saltz, himself, came in to make sure that I was being treated well. A client forever.
Paula Jojola Brog

Many people are no longer seeing spas as pampering, but as a necessity in order to stay healthy. There is also a trend toward medical-type products and services.
International Spa Associations, 2002

A medical spa differs dramatically from a day spa because the medical spa houses both a medical and aesthetic staff under one roof. Medical and cosmetic treatments are offered side by side. The before, during and after procedures take place. The medical spa is a comprehensive approach to caring for the client before, during and after procedures take place. The medical spa is able to use a higher grade product which generally shows greater results. It is the perfect balance between clinical and luxurious.
Medical SPAS Review, November 2002

The concept of a medical spa is based on combining conventional and alternative medicine with components of spa treatments in varying degrees of intensity. The medical spa focuses on offering treatments and remedies for both men's and women's health- related issues by incorporating medical and traditional spa treatments.
Medical SPA Trends

Offering a combination of services, medical spas are gaining a notable presence in the industry. With physician-affiliated spas, clients are proving to be the real winners.
American Spa, Jan/Feb 2002